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Our Vision & Mission

To improve livelihoods by providing high quality nutritious grain products.

To provide high-quality nutritious grain products through value addition to raw materials sourced from the local community

Core Values

  • Integrity

  • Customer Service

  • Efficiency

  • Persistence

  • Partnership

Scope Of Operation

Our operational activities primarily involve the procurement of various agricultural commodities, such as millet, maize grain, soybean, and cassava, from locally organized farmer groups. This initiative aims to support Farmer Market Access by facilitating their participation in the market. We further process these agricultural raw material grains into flour that is suitable for human consumption and ensure its distribution throughout the market.

Farmer training and advisory services are integral to our operations, encompassing post-harvest handling, group dynamics, value addition, and agronomy. We also prioritize local community outreach through our Corporate Social Responsibility arm, addressing crucial issues in areas such as nutrition, sanitation, and health within the community.

We are committed to maintaining quality along all our production processes  

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